Pieno Zvaigzdes big man Vyacheslav Bobrov was the brightest shining star in the Betsafe LKL action in November, earning Player of the Month honors after leading the field in efficiency by an overwhelming margin.

Betsafe LKL Team of the Month
Pos Player Team Eff
G A. Juškevičius Lietkabelis 17
G T. Dimša Vytautas 18
F P. Petrilevičius Dzukija 21,67
F V. Bobrov Pieno Zvaigzdės 28,25
C J. Palacios Neptunas 23,67

The 25-year-old power forward demonstrated great all-around numbers with averages of 20.3 points, 9.0 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game in the four games he played in November.

"This award is a new challenge for me. I try to raise the bar higher and higher every year. I have to continue to work hard and I hope that will allow me to play even better in the future," Bobrov told LKL.LT.

The award will be presented to the player, who represented the Ukrainian national team over the international break, during Sunday's home game against Zalgiris.

Neptunas big man Juan Palacios, Paulius Petrilevicius of Dzukija, Vytautas swingman Tomas Dimsa and Adas Juskevicius of Lietkabelis rounded out the Team of the Month.