Andrew Goudelock (Rytas Vilnius) is the Betsafe three-point champion.

The contestants that made it to the semi-final were Andrew Goudelock (23), Marius Runkauskas (23), Evaldas Saulys (22) and Lukas Uleckas (18).

All-time Betsafe LKL leader in three pointers made Arturas Milaknis did not go far. He realised 10 three point shots – the lowest number out of all participants.

Tadas Rinkunas (17) and Branko Mirkovich (16) were close to semi-final.

First semi-finalist Lukas Uleckas finished with 15 and Evaldas Saulys made 16 shots.

Marius Runkauskas‘ minute was a thriller. He made a last second money-ball and had 17 points. Referees reviewed the shot and had a decision – it was after the one minute time. The result dropped to 15.

Andrew Goudelock left no chances and made 24 three-pointers. He and Evaldas Saulys squared off for the three-point contest crown.

Evaldas Saulys put up 20 shots in the final. Andrew Goudelock made a show for the fans. He had 20 points and the last money-ball in his hands.

He made the two-point worth shot and took the Betsafe LKL three-point contest winner‘s crown. It is the first win for Goudelock in a three-point contest in his career.