Lavrinovic brothers spent last three seasons in LKL but are going to miss the beginning of 2019-2020 season.

Darjus Lavrinovic announced that they will not be playing professionally until the New Years but this does not mean the end of their careers.

"We are working with LavTwins project and we are going abroad to shoot a documentary. There is a lot of work with it. One France team wanted both of us, but we don't want to go abroad and actually, there is not so much time for that. We are going to wait until New Years. We have our schedule, we are going to stay in shape", told Darjus.

Brothers are going to celebrate their 40th birthdays on the first of November but despite that, few LKL teams already invited them. 

Last season Darjus and Ksystof played for Prienai.