Most efficient Vilnius Rytas' player Arnas Butkevičius and sharpshooter Mindaugas Girdžiūnas are staying in Vilnius for two more seasons.

Butkevičius have two years remaining on his contract with Rytas but he could have moved to another team before 1st of July. 

"I am happy in Vilnius so I was not really thinking about opportunities to leave. I still have unfinished business here", said Rytas' forward.

Shooting guard Girdžiūnas, on the other hand, put a signature on a new two-year deal with "Betsafe–LKL" silver medalists. 

Both Girdžiūnas and Butkevičius arrived in Vilnius in 2017 and since then won King Mindaugas Cup and became two times "Betsafe–LKL" runner-ups.