Rising star Laurynas Birutis has been turning heads all season long in the Betsafe LKL and that was particularly evident in March, as the 20-year-old Siauliai center was named the Player of the Month.

Having helped his hometown club to three wins in five games against top-of-the-crop competition, Siauliai moved to sixth place with a 10-17 record. The only teams that were too tough to handle for the side were Betsafe LKL leaders Zalgiris and Lietuvos Rytas.

During the stretch, Birutis averaged 17.4 points, 8.4 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game for an average efficiency of 26.4.

"It's my first proper year in the LKL," said Birutis, who made his top flight debut with Vytautas at the end of last season. "It was difficult to start. I needed to get used to a faster, more physical style of play comparing to NKL. Now, I'm doing my best to fight for every win."

His teammate Donatas Sabeckis was second in the league in efficiency in March. Joining the Siauliai duo in the Team of the Week are Dovis Bickauskis of Juventus Utena, Rokas Giedraitis of Lietuvos Rytas and Edgaras Zelionis of Neptunas.